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Fortified Evangelical Church

The fortified evangelical church in Sânpetru is an ensemble of historical monuments located on the territory of the village Sânpetru, Sânpetru commune. The fortified evangelical church of Sânpetru was erected in 1794 on the foundation of an older church, completely demolished when its tower collapsed for the second time. The classic building was completed in 1817 with a new tower. The interior of the church is organized in a classical style unit, from the organ to the pillars decorated with parimons and to the altar with choir columns. Of the 3 rows of fortification walls from the 15th century, some remains of the outer wall and the second wall are preserved.

Lempeș Hill

The Lempeș hill with an altitude of 704 meters (Cetăţii Peak) created by erosion, is the northern limit of the Sânpetru Gate, which divides the Brasov Depression.

The nature reserve has been declared a protected area by Law No. 5 of March 6, 2000 and overlaps with the Natura 2000 site – Lempeș Fortress Hill – Harman Swamp. The natural area represents an extension to the south of Olt of the Baraolt massif, composed of sedimentary rocks, limestone, conglomerates and sandstone attributed to the Cretaceous, which harbors a great diversity of flora and fauna specific to the Barsa Country.

Aeroclub Iosif Silimon

For those who, besides visiting the fortified cities and unique villages of Transylvania, also want to have fun and adrenaline, we recommend you to run to Sânpetru in Brasov county.

The instructors of the Iosif Șilimon club are waiting for them to be introduced to the mysteries of gliding and paragliding.

Brasov Old Center

Old Brasov Center is the historical heart of the city, known for its well-preserved buildings from the Saxon period, for fortifications from the 15th century and history museums.

In the Piata Sfatului, which is bordered by the cafes, there is also the Casa Sfatului dating from the 15th century, as well as the imposing Black Church in Gothic style. The bars, the terraces of the restaurants and the shops nearby are within the Strada Republicii pedestrian area.

Poiana Brașov

In the quiet Poiană Brașov there is the ski resort of the same name, trails on Mount Postăvaru, plus an ice rink, a covered recreation center and a sports complex with slopes for tubing and sledding. In summer, hikers and cyclists explore the green mountain trails, and the studs offer horseback riding. Luxury hotels, guesthouses, ski shops and traditional Romanian restaurants liven up the area.

Coresi Mall

The mall has 130 stores with international and national brands, a leisure area of ​​6000 square meters, a multiplex cinema, an area with restaurants and the largest Auchan hypermarket in Transylvania, all of which are built on the former Brasov Tractor platform which holds 100 of hectares. The Coresi shopping center park also has a petrol station and drive-in restaurants.